• Solar Pest Trap Zapper

    Solar Mosquito Killer Lamp

    Solar Insect Killer

    Solar Lawn Lamp|Solar Bug Zapper

  • Components

    - 2.2WP High efficient polycrystalline solar panel (Built-into the Fixture),efficiency>17%;
    - 5000mAH lithium battery (Built-into the Fixture,Rechargable);
    - 1W LED Lamp(for lighting);0.8W for Pest Killing;- Related output:DC3.6V;
    - HV Grid: 1.2KW,<6mA;
    - Pest control type: requency-vibration trapping;
    - Pest control type: traps;
    - Coverage:30-100㎡
    - Materials: Stainness Steel+ Acrylic(PMMA)

  • Key Features

    - All-in-one integrated Compact design;
    - No wires or cables needed;
    - Easy & fast installation,No trained staff needed;
    - Rust-proof, Dust-proof and Water-proof;
    - One Key Solution:Easy switch from lawn lamp to bug zapper;
    - 100% solar powered,no running and maintenance cost;
    - With Portable design,suitable for both indoor and outdoor;
    - Instant reach 1.2KV,Killing PEST effectively.
    - Auto turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn;
    - Safe,efficient and eco-friendly.
  • Different types

    - Pillar Type: HT-PT-01 | HT-PT-02 (Big head)
    - Handy Type: HT-PT-01
  • Applications

    As pest control,electric mosquito killer,mosquito killer machine,insect killer,insect trap,mosquito killer machine,mosquito killer lamp,bug zapper,mosquito trap,fly trap,mosquito killer outdoor solar mosquito kill light,the solar lawn light can not only be used as lighitng product,but also pest control,but indoor and outdoor. It is a non-pollution equipment for crop/vegetable protection as well.

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