• 50W,5000LM~6500LM

    Smart Integrated Solar Street Light

    New Innovative Design with Drawer

    All-in-one Compact Elegant Design

  • Components

    - 100WP High efficient solar panel ,IPCE>20%;
    - 538WH high qulaity LiFePO4 battery ,lifetime>2000cycles;
    - IP65 Modular 96W or 80W Cree 3030 LED lamp drive to be 50W,upto 150LM/W;
    - Smart MPPT controller (Built-into the Fixture);
    - PIR motion sensor (Built-into the Fixture);
    - Direction adjustable bracket and screws(For Mounting)
  • Key Features

    - All-in-one integrated compact design;
    - Wing-like frame design,reduce the wind stress;
    - Angle adjustable bracket;
    - Unique drawer design,easier replacement job;
    - Professional bat-wing optical lens achieve wider and brighter lighting effect;
    - IP65 durable modular LED lamp(LM80 cree LED);
    - No wires or cables needed;Easy & fast installation;
    - Rust-proof, Dust-proof and Water-proof;
    - Green light,No pollution,No attracting Insects;
    - 100% solar powered,minimum maintenance cost;
    - Portable design,can be installed anywhere needed;
    - Intelligent system,extending life time;
    - Auto turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn;
    - Battery protection;
  • Installation Recommendation

    Suggested Pole Diameter: 50mm~80mm
    Suggested Mounting Height: 5m~8m
    Suggested Mounting Space Between Lights: 15m~30m
  • How it works?

    The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and stored in Li-Fe battery via controller, the LED light will work at night automatically under the light sensor control, and provide light for the different areas.It will light in about 30% saving-mode when standby ,and switches to full power mode when PIR sensor detects movement.The full power mode will last about 30s (after the last motion detected) and then switches back to low power mode until new motion detected.It can be also pre-programmed by time schedule without motion sensor as well.Say 1st one hour @ 20% illumination ,next 4hrs @ full brightness, the rest hours @ 30% illumination.
  • Life Time

    - Solar Panel: 25 Years;
    - LEDs: 50,000Hrs;
    - Li-Fe Battery: 2,000 cycles;

    It means that with one installation,you can get at least 5 years free lighting.Every year,one HT-SWD-1H50 equals to about 860 Lbs co2 exhaust cut ,7 Trees planted ,1.3 cars off the road,40G gasoline not used,$90 of electricity saved.
  • Applications

    As all-in-one integrated solar street light requires no wiring and 100% powered by sun ,it is widely used in places wherever there is sufficient sunlight,especially for those places where wiring is not enocomic or practicable.Such as,Street lighiting,Parking lot lighting, Gate/entrance lighting,Perimeter security lighting,Pathway lighting,County yard/Garden lighting,City greenway lighting,Rural and remote area lighting, Mountainous area lighting,Pedestrian walkways lighting,Personal villa / residential lighting,Public park /plaza lighting,Campus lane lighting, Farm&ranch lighting,Wildlife area lighting,Dock/pier lighting, Sinage/Billboard lighting,Mining&Industrial lighting...

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