Hitechled 30W All-in-one Solar Street Light Illuminates in Papua New Guinea
Date: 2019-02-26 Hits: 182

Hitechled manufacturers the worlds most technically innovative range of solar-powered LED lighting solutions and is renowned for its diverse product range which suit a wide range of applications. We are continually striving to provide our customers with the most intelligent and easy to install high quality solar powered products.

Papua New Guinea undoubtedly is a mining state, with mineral export revenues driving the economy and services in the country, with almost 7 million people spread over a land area of 462,840 km2, and a GDP of US $ 1900 per capita. It is endowed with vast natural resources in all sectors, in minerals, oil & gas, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries. It is a great place to finilize the solar facilities.

Hitechled all in one solar street lamps have no external cables. It is plug and play,easy to install wherever this is plenty of sunshines. In 2017, Mr. Willie find us and attracted by our quality product right away. After several months efforts, Mr. Willie bring us the government orders. Then within one month, the order was delivered smoonthly.

all in one solar street light  for Papua New Guinea

Due to delayed the government funds, Mr Willie keep the solar lamps in stock for nearly one year. When the funds release, Mr. Willie start to install the 30w solar lamps. Both the government staff and Mr. Willie are very happy. they find that the 30w solar lamps still working normally. "It is fantastic!" he said, " Hitechled solar lamps are the best solar lamps I'd ever sawn. We will make more business together for sure."

Hitechled are proud to be part of the renewable clean technology that is bringing the promise of a healthier planet, as well as the possibility of growing our business that is sustainable. We will keep innovation and deliver the best products worldwide